Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My first dumpster dive in Vancouver

I've decided that the Michael's dumpsters in Vancouver and Richmond are not as good as the one in Waterloo. I think the reason is that the staff are less wasteful, or possibly we just picked a terrible night to go. The most exciting thing we found was the top of a plastic palm tree and some shiny decorative xmas foliage. We used a piece of that for this piece of street art (the green leaf right above 'bike')

The gray thing on the top was attached mobius style - I'm still completely amused by mobius strips as yarn bombs

And this is another campus tag. It's outside an entrance that I don't think gets used much, but I hope it amuses a few people. That enormous green bin is for used coffee and tea packets only - I found that kind of exciting.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mobius Tag

This is so exciting. It just occurred to me that it is super easy to make mobius strip yarnbombs because as long as the front and back of the fabric are the same, you can make it a mobius strip when you attach it. Now I want to cover the city with them. So far just one, have been working on too many other (non-public) knitting projects. I'm way too amused by this.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Broadway Bombs

We hit up West Broadway today with a few more yarn bombs. We noticed that all of the tags we've put up on parking meters have been taken down, except for one that is on the base of one of them.. the parking nazis must have missed it.

This is a bike rack and Ian's shoes.

This is a beard for a tree.. treebeard?

We thought that the staff at Benny's would appreciate some colour when they look out the window.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Campus tag

Put up a yarnbomb at UBC campus today. I haven't seen any others, but that doesn't mean they don't exist... certainly at this time it is one of the more noticeable ones. It is close to the Student Union Building, in a high traffic area. One girl told me that she 'didn't know what purpose that was supposed to serve, but it looks cool!' - I'll take it :)

Monday, October 18, 2010


So I haven't kept up my blog AT ALL since I left Waterloo, which is not so good. I know that very few people look at it, but I liked having it... for my records... to keep me motivated... I dunno. But. This is going to change.
It's not that I haven't been yarnbombing in Vancouver - because I have! - it's that I haven't been yarnbombing in my own neighbourhood. And when I do it, I never have my camera with me. Blog with no pictures = quite uninteresting in my opinion. I know it's a stupid excuse and I should just bring my camera with me.
My reason for wanting to blog again is that I met a celebrity on Saturday. The lovely lady on the left, Leanna Prain, was at Canzine West. (The woman sitting beside her is co-author of Yarn Bombing, Mandy Moore - whom I did not meet.)

Not only did I meet her but I sold her a copy of my minizine about yarnbombing. She said 'I wrote a book about yarnbombing, so I HAVE to buy this'!! As I sat there awestruck my wonderful friend Terri (who was sharing the table with me) had the guts to chase after her with Yarn Bombing II and gave it to her. Then she came back and asked me if she could interview me for her blog! It was quite exciting.
Apart from that, I sold a few copies of my first zine and gave away more because of a promotion Terri and I were having, and then I traded most of the rest. My other one did not do as well, but frankly I don't think it was as good and I need to redo the cover.

While I'm at it, I guess I will post some pictures of some of the yarnbombs I've put up since leaving Waterloo. I haven't photographed many though :(

These are from Portland in late August/early September, when we went down for the Portland Zine Symposium.

This one was made in the train and placed as soon as we got to the station. My friends stopped for a cigarette and I put this one up. It was gone by the time we had to leave six days later :(

This one was outside a cafe that AlexAlgebra brought us to - they served me a VEGAN EGGS BENNY! Oh I love Portland <3

This was right around Cup and Saucer, another excellent breakfast joint that we make a point of coming to whenever we are in town.

These two were outside of the Red and Black Cafe, a worker-owned cafe which is probably my favourite place ever. Tempeh rueben to diiiiiiiie for.

I can't remember exactly where this last picture I have from Portland is, but I do remember that they had hippos like this all around the building and it was amazing.

This is the only one I have a picture for in Vancouver. These yarn bombs were made by Alex for a yarnbombing swap I hosted on swap-bot. So strange - I met up with him to teach him more about crochet, and he ended up being my partner!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Goodbye Waterloo....

I am about to leave this lovely city... so these will be the last yarnbombs I put up in Waterloo for a little while.

This I have been slowly adding to over the last little while.. I plan on sending more bits and getting friends to put them up for me. This section of the rail is less than a quarter the total length, and I want to eventually cover the whole thing.

Epic yarnbomb - the massive 'Need a hug?' pole. Because it's just so... huggable! I put this up two days ago, and have seen a couple people hugging it so far. I hope it gets lots of hugs...

Well Waterloo, it's been fun covering you in knitted pieces. I will miss you. I plan on visiting again someday.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The latest

An assortment of pictures since the last time I posted...

A bunch of butterflies I whipped up on the bus into Toronto, left them all on this weird metal thing. The sort of look like they're dancing

A bench that also got butterflied... can you tell I had too much of this sparkly purple yarn?

More butterflies... this time they are clustering around a flower on a rail in the clock tower thing outside the Perimeter Institute on King

This is a pipe outside the lovely Waterloo Public Library, in an area infested by mosquitoes (as I learn while I was putting it up)

A pipe in a pothole in a parking lot... alliteration much?

I'm actually not sure what this metal thing is, but I figured it needed a bright green shag covering - doesn't everything?

Kevin's fancy crochet bike rack bomb got taken down, so I replaced it with this one... did I mention I like shag? So much fun!

Here I added the blue bit to the existing purple tag on a pipe in guerrilla alley (dubbed so by Nick because of the guerrilla gardening going on in it)